and parent survival

Martial arts is in essence an art form. Whether it is Taekwondo, Karate, Judo,
Jiu Jitsu, or other forms – we are teaching CONFIDENCE and DISCIPLINE of both the mind and locomotor abilities. Toughening up always helps as well so when we fall, when we bonk our head – we can learn to shrug it off.

Bullying unfortunately has always been an issue. Bullying has gained
more media attention and rightfully so. We do not teach students to just
physically defend themselves, we teach confidence – the act of extending your hand and empowering its action. The act of swinging your leg and the visceral and basic response of what occurs. These PHYSICAL acts feedbacks into the mind, the spirit. 

We engrain in our students our mantra: courtesy, integrity, perseverance,
indomitable spirit. We say the words, we teach the words, we live these words in school. And through repetition and example, we encourage our students to live these words in school and their lives.

Parenting is hard – it also helps that by the end of sessions, our students
are sweating and tired – good tired – where burning off some of their energy
may make it easier for you for the evening...

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