Our Programs


Little Dragon Program

In our world renowned Little Dragon program, we combine child psychology, physical science and martial arts to teach young children from age 3 to 6 to help them enhance their confidence and build their character with right values and discipline.This is perfect age rather the most important period of their lives as children character and most of their brain functions are formed during this period.We don't just teach them kicking and punching but we use martial arts as a tool to deliver right message and discipline using various medium of information and actions.Every child is special and they are different, hence we take individual approach in teaching our students. We communicate closely with parents and keep track of the on going issues and problems that needs to be addressed at home,at school and during social setting.


Color Belt program

This program is for all ages who wants to learn traditional Tae Kwon Do. We have combined two different type of Tae Kwon Do, Olympic style Tae Kwon Do and more modern practical military style Tae Kwon Do to bring very effective self defense program for our students. The traditional elements of the art, such as forms, kicking and breaking will be taught, together with the practical application of the skills they learn in real life setting. It is fun filled, action packed class where the foundation is based on Black Belt life skill which they have to practice daily.


Black Belt Program

Our Black Belt program is for the students whose goal is to become a Black Belt in a most efficient way. Hybrid between modern and traditional training. It brings best parts from both old and new. Challenging but never overwhelming as the program is designed for each individual, so the training can be most efficient for that specific student.

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