Black Belt Academy


Welcome to Black Belt Academy in Laguna Hills, California. 

We are not the most traditional Taekwondo ( TKD ) school.  We employ progressive ideas and tactics to encourage the individual and not the group.  Some students can get lost in in the crowd, others tend to lose discipline.  Even in group learning, Master Rhee will give the attention to detail needed so our students get the most out of each class.

We have an open door policy, feel free to contact us via text, phone, or email to see which class will best suit your schedule and your student's potential and feel free to sit in and observe a class and speak with the students and parents/grandparents.  Depending on how the student is feeling, how the class is going, it is likely that we can get some impromptu floor time together.  The only thing needed is introductions with Master Rhee.

 Master J.Rhee has been serving this community for over a decade. His commitment, our school's commitment to you is to provide a disciplined and nurturing environment for our students.
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